Poker Websites – Not just a poker room

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When choosing your online poker room, it’s important to understand that you can’t make your decision solely based on the poker room itself, certainly not if you are a beginner. There are quite a few things to consider before making your choice of poker site, and the first thing you want to check out as a newbie, is if the poker site offers help on how to get started with poker.

A lot of the more established poker websites have full guides on how the game is played, different strategies and info about responsible gaming that you absolutely want to look into before sitting down at any poker table. Keep in mind that it will most likely be complete waste of money for you to go and start playing without having any idea of what you’re doing.

The second thing you want to make sure of, is that the customer support section of the website is quick and sufficient, to make sure that you get all your queries handled within a reasonable amount of time. Nobody likes waiting, and if there are options for quicker service, why would you not go for the best alternative?

The third and final thing you will want to consider is that the website has a good offer on different tournaments and bonuses, so that you as a customer will get good value for money. A good way of finding out where the highest bonuses can be found is to visit pages such as Juegos Poker, which focuses on finding the best poker sites in the business and comparing them. Keep in mind though, that the highest bonus might not always mean the highest quality of poker, so try to find a poker site that matches all of the criteria above.

When playing poker, there are two types of game play that you will encounter. The first one is cash games, in which you buy in with whatever amount of money you think is reasonable, and the second one is tournaments where there is a fixed buy in for every player that enters which contributes to a large pot which is then shared amongst the players that finish highest in the tournament.

Although the game and rules are the exact same for tournaments and cash games, the strategies that you apply for each game mode will differ. Read more about tournament strategies on, which specializes in holdem texas.

In cash games, you can cash out at any time, so in some situation where the odds are in your favor, you might want to push in a large bet even though you there is a possibility that you will lose, as you can just buy in again when your stack is lost. In cash games, the blinds also stay the same throughout the whole session so you don’t have to adjust your bets according to the blinds that you put out before your hand is dealt.

In tournaments, on the other hand, you will not receive any prize money if you are eliminated early, so you strategy here is to stay in as long as possible, and at certain times it might be a good idea to play defensive rather than aggressive, especially when you’re closing in the prize places. To make the tournaments go fast, the blinds are also raised within a time limit, meaning that every stack will. You can read more about strategies for tournament play here!

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Sportsbetting 101

On June 21, 2013, in Betting Online, by bestmedi

As sports betting is only becoming more and more popular by the day it thought it would be appropriate to write up an article covering the basics of sports betting that newcomers should know before they start betting their money on sports. Sure, this won’t cover everything, but it will at least give you a good overlook of the different elements to this form of gambling. If you want even more detailed articles, try visiting, or other online gambling centrals which are useful for beginners!

First of all, if you are completely new to sports betting, like you’ve never even heard of it, I’ll start off by explaining what it is. Sports betting is just plain and simple the act of betting money on the result of a game in sports. Say you think that Manchester United will win against Arsenal in the next football game they play. You then bet a specific amount of money on that game, and depending on the result of the game, you will either get money back or not. If the team you betted on does win, you will get your initial bet back, as well as extra money depending on the odds of the particular game. If you were betting on Manchester, and the odds of them winning we’re 2:1, it means that you will get double the money back if you’re right. If you are wrong in your prediction however, you will instead lose your full bet to the broker.

When you first start out in sports betting you want to pick an online broker, as this is what most people do these days. Betting shops in the streets are still around, but it’s just much more comfortable to do your betting from home, as the selection of games you can bet on is so much wider. In order to find a good online broker I recommend you use services like Apuestas Deportivas, which can be found by clicking here. They provide reviews over different sportsbooks of all shapes and sizes, giving you a clear picture of which ones are good and which ones aren’t. Basically, you want to find a sportsbook that offers a large game selection, good bonuses, and you also want to make sure that it offers a safe gaming environment, so always make sure that they have all the proper licenses and that they are regulated by the proper authorities.

Next up, you want to learn some strategy. If you want to become good at sports betting you can’t simply just bet every now and then on the most popular teams. Being successful in sports betting is all about being able to find the best odds in certain games, and that does not necessarily mean that you bet on your favorite team. You will need to gather valuable information about the games in the lower leagues, as this is where the matches that you can make the most money off is being played usually. You can find some really good guides at at this site. Always remember that your most valuable asset in sports betting is without doubt your knowledge. It’s always the punters that make the most thorough researches before the game that walks home with the most money!

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Three things to avoid in binary options

On June 10, 2013, in FX and Binary, by bestmedi

Since binary options entered the scene of online trading it has become the number one choice amongst private traders around the world, and these days you see ads everywhere about this new form of trading that has revolutionized the whole game of trading. This has of course led to a large stream of complete beginners entering the scene, with no previous experience in trading. I therefore wanted to make a list of the most common mistakes that newbies make when they start trading, so that if you are a beginner reading this, you will then know what to avoid when you throw yourself head first on to the trading scene.

Not managing risk properly

You cannot expect to start trading and become a millionaire within a couple months, if you are starting out trading with the capital of someone who works a regular job. Way too many new traders hear about this and they immediately think that they are going to become the most successful traders ever, and that it will just happen by itself. Therefore, they put their savings into a trading account and they then start trading for massive amounts on trades that they believe are “dead sure”. The thing they forget is that we can never be fully definite about the outcome of any future event, so there’s always a chance that our trades will go down the drain if we’re unlucky. Therefore we must manage that risk by not putting to much money in relation to our total capital into a single trade. Instead you want to spread the risk by making several smaller investments so that you account for the risk that is involved in every single trade. You can read more about risk management here!

Expecting immediate success

A lot of new traders become disappointed when they don’t start making money straight away, and most of us drop out after a couple of months when we can’t see any results. The thing you need to realize, however, is that just like with everything else, practice makes perfect. Do you think Michael Jordan just picked up a ball one day and started shooting hoops and dunking? Absolutely not! He was even kicked out of the school team for being so bad, but he stuck at it and kept practicing and look where it took him!

Trading more than you read

In binary trading, knowledge is everything! Therefore, it’s important that you don’t start trading straight away after you find out about it. The first thing you should do is to spend a couple of days reading guides on the subject in order to build a bit of a foundation to stand on. I mean, if you go into a trading website and start trading without knowing how it works, binary options trading is pretty much just like betting on black or red on the roulette wheel!

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Three things to avoid in online bingo

On May 25, 2013, in Advanced Bingo, by bestmedi

You see a lot of articles giving you tips on important things to do when you look at different internet sites about online bingo, but how about the things that you shouldn’t do? I thought about this and decided that I’d take the matter into my own hands and go over some of the things that are important to avoid when you play bingo online. As an experienced online gambler, with years in the game, I believe that I have a good understanding on how to make the most of your bingo adventure when you play, so I really hope that you will get something useful out of reading these tips. So, here we go, four things to avoid in online bingo.

Bad behavior

You will soon realize that bingo is very much a social activity. Contrary to what you might think, it’s even more social than playing bingo in a live hall. The reason for this is because you don’t have to be as attentive in online bingo – most sites, like balloonbingo (click here to visit), have a an auto-marking features which pretty much means that you can just sit back and relax while you enjoy the game, instead of having all your focus on finding the numbers that are being called and marking them on your card. Because of this, people have plenty of time to communicate with each other in the chat room of the bingo client. Here, it’s important that you have manners, as nobody likes a person who uses swearwords or some who complains about everything. Therefore you should behave just like in any other social situation: with good behavior. This is not only for the people around you, however. If you are using bad language or behavior, you run the risk of getting banned from the chat room!

Playing excessively

A trap that far too many people fall into is that they like the game so much that they build an unhealthy habit of playing it all the time. In my opinion, bingo is best enjoyed when you play it every once in a while. Let it be an occasional pleasure rather than a way of life. Some people have addictive personalities and these people always run the risk of getting caught in a gambling addiction when they play online. You can find a whole lot of useful info about responsible gaming and how to control your habits when playing bingo online at sites like as well as Both these sites work as a starting platform for new players, and they can offer pretty much everything you need to know about the game of bingo when you are first starting out.

Not using the promotions to your advantages

There is a high competition between the popular websites in the bingo world, and you as a player can take massive advantage of this. One of the best ways of doing so is to sign up to several online bingo websites and taking part of their different offers. Pretty much every bingo site these days offer bonuses in one form or another, and bonuses are a great way of increasing your chances of making profit when playing online. You can find some of the most generous bonuses on, which you can find by clicking here!

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Three keys to control your gambling

On May 25, 2013, in Casino Guides, by bestmedi

It’s important to keep your gambling habits healthy and not play too much at popular casino sites such as PAF, losing too much money, but as we all know, from time to time it’s easy to get a bit too carried away and losing more than you would have expected. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, but here are three tips on how to make it easier to keep it cool in the casinos:

Be aware of your emotions

When playing at a casino, you will be happy when winning and frustrated when loosing. Note that the frustration will always be harder to control than the happiness. If you start losing a lot and become more and more frustrated, try to be aware of this. Take a break from the gaming to cool off for a bit before starting to play again, as it is in these frustrated moments you are likely to do something stupid, like betting money you can’t afford to lose. Never make the mistake of starting to raise your bets in order to quickly win back the money you have recently lost, as this is how people end up losing way to much money at a casino. You can find more articles covering this on as well as nexusgames, which both are gambling centrals promoting responsible gaming.

Choose a casino with a deposit limit

Deposit limits are a great way for you to only play with the money you can afford to lose. You simply set up a limit of what the casino should let you deposit every week, and then you can’t change that setting for a couple of weeks. Check out, which has many online casino reviews of casinos with deposit limits. The good thing about this is that you don’t even have to be very disciplined in order to keep your limits – it simply makes it impossible to play for more than you initially planned to gamble for. has a big list of different casinos that offer deposit limits to their players!

Don’t expect to win

This might sound weird, but keep in mind that casino gaming will never guarantee you any money. Hope to win, but do not expect it! Many people make the mistake of going in to an online casino with money they can’t really comfortably afford to lose, and they hope to win big in order to sort out their life situation. Keep in mind that this rarely happens. You should always gamble for the sole purpose to have a lot of fun, not to win a lot of money!

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The Art of Gambling

On April 10, 2013, in Casino Guides, by bestmedi

Gambling is definitely one of those things that you have to love to be able to appreciate, as a matter of fact; I do, although it is not so simple. As much as you love it, however, it comes clear that to be able to gain anything from it you have o be truly prepared, and that is no mindless task.  The art of gambling has a few conditions that, if followed, can really boost your chances of winning:

1 – Know everything there is to know about the game/activity you are going to bet on – guides, reviews, tips… Anything that can help you gain advantage. It’s much better to spend an hour learning about the casino game you are about to play, rather than just throwing yourself in the game expecting immediate results. Although this might seem as a hassle, keep in mind that it will actually save you a lot of money in the long run! Also make sure that you see where you can get the best value for your money, at sites like Interwetten you can often get a good deal!

2 – Stay tuned to the numerous bonuses, offers, promotions and prices that the webpage constantly offers during a period of time – take advantage of the best ones, the more you do this the less you´ll spend. Most casinos today offers a first deposit bonus, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it is a good one. Make sure to look up websites like in order to find the best offers available to players.

3 – Look for the cheapest ways of placing the bet, compensate this by betting in many small games, on the long run it is better than playing big at first and loosing.

4 – Remember that in bingo the least crowded rooms are the best. Only there, there is a bigger chance of winning.

5 – In betting it is better to concentrate on the small wins rather than in the big ones. Looking for the big jackpot is rarely a winning concept, as the jackpots are obviously the hardest wins to get. Because of this, it’s better to win small often than to win big every once in a while at places like bet 365!

6 – Make a side-account just for playing gambling games, this way you will make sure not to bet money you can’t afford to lose. It’s easier than you think to fall in to the trap of gambling more than you should, so it’s never a bad idea to start setting out a few ground rules for yourself.

These are only some of the many tips you should take into account when treating with gambling sites. I got the info from a great gambling site, with many options. Especially if you like betting you should check this one:, check it out now, it is very complete and a fantastic introductory guide for new players.

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Take your time in Forex trading!

On January 29, 2013, in FX and Binary, by bestmedi

I believe that one of the most important thing to keep in mind when you start trading on the forex market is to not rush things. This is an extremely common mistake that a lot of beginners make, and also the reason as to why most people initially fail at trading. When I first started out I was lucky enough to have friends who already had a lot of experience on the trading market, who were kind enough to give me some tips, one of which was to not trying to take things so quick in the beginning, but rather let the learning process take the time it takes.

First off, I would like to recommend you to not start trading straight away. If you have an interest in forex trading, you should definitely look up some basic guides (you can find some really good ones on this page) that you can read through in order to understand the most important parts of online trading. The reason you should do this is because it’s completely useless to start trading if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are trading without any knowledge you are pretty sure to be throwing your money away for no reason, and that is something you want to avoid, as forex trading is really about making money, and not the other way around!

Another good idea, after you’ve read the guides and have a fair understanding of how trading works, you should definitely open up an account at a broker. But when you do, I would suggest that you, rather than opening up a real account, open a demo account which you can use to practice trading. This way you can make all the mistakes that a beginner is bound to make without having to risk losing any of your own money.

When you feel comfortable on the trading market, it’s time to upgrade your demo account to a real money account, make a deposit, and then start trading for real. You will then have a good solid foundation and probably feel a lot more confident when you trade. However, this definitely doesn’t mean that you are in any way going to be a master of the trades, so my advice is to keep taking it pretty easy. Do not trade with too much money, but rather keep it at small amounts in the beginning, as this will help you in the long run. Sure, you might not initially make a lot of money using this strategy, but as you keep increasing your trades you progress will come slowly and you will benefit from it.

Keep in mind that online trading is a skill that you learn and that you should never rely on luck in order to achieve success. The true masters of trading have years and years of experience in their baggage, whereas people who have a lot of initial success, but no foundation of knowledge to stand on usually have their success turn around to disaster in the long run.

If you would like to read more about forex trading, I would recommend a Spanish webpage called Cambio Divisas, which has plenty of posts and articles on the subject.

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