Three keys to control your gambling

On May 25, 2013, in Casino Guides, by bestmedi

It’s important to keep your gambling habits healthy and not play too much at popular casino sites such as PAF, losing too much money, but as we all know, from time to time it’s easy to get a bit too carried away and losing more than you would have expected. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, but here are three tips on how to make it easier to keep it cool in the casinos:

Be aware of your emotions

When playing at a casino, you will be happy when winning and frustrated when loosing. Note that the frustration will always be harder to control than the happiness. If you start losing a lot and become more and more frustrated, try to be aware of this. Take a break from the gaming to cool off for a bit before starting to play again, as it is in these frustrated moments you are likely to do something stupid, like betting money you can’t afford to lose. Never make the mistake of starting to raise your bets in order to quickly win back the money you have recently lost, as this is how people end up losing way to much money at a casino. You can find more articles covering this on as well as nexusgames, which both are gambling centrals promoting responsible gaming.

Choose a casino with a deposit limit

Deposit limits are a great way for you to only play with the money you can afford to lose. You simply set up a limit of what the casino should let you deposit every week, and then you can’t change that setting for a couple of weeks. Check out, which has many online casino reviews of casinos with deposit limits. The good thing about this is that you don’t even have to be very disciplined in order to keep your limits – it simply makes it impossible to play for more than you initially planned to gamble for. has a big list of different casinos that offer deposit limits to their players!

Don’t expect to win

This might sound weird, but keep in mind that casino gaming will never guarantee you any money. Hope to win, but do not expect it! Many people make the mistake of going in to an online casino with money they can’t really comfortably afford to lose, and they hope to win big in order to sort out their life situation. Keep in mind that this rarely happens. You should always gamble for the sole purpose to have a lot of fun, not to win a lot of money!

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